Governor Oliver congratulates new Pohnpei Port Authority (PPA) General Manager

Governor Oliver recently attended a welcome ceremony for the new General Manager of the Pohnpei Port Authority (PPA) at the PPA building in Dekehtik.



Chairwoman of the PPA Board of Directors, Mrs. Limanman Helgenberger delivered remarks to welcome Governor Oliver and congratulate the new General Manager of the Pohnpei Port Authority (PPA) Mr. Grilly Jack.  She highlighted Mr. Jack’s essential responsibilities as General Manager, which includes overseeing almost all the access points to Pohnpei State, and on behalf of the board pledged to continue to work with the Governor and PPA staff to support the new General Manager.



In his remarks, Governor Oliver congratulated Mr. Grilly Jack on his position as the new General Manager of PPA. He noted the important role that PPA, including the board of directors,  has played at the airport and seaport, with transportation and especially during the last two years, in keeping the COVID-19 virus out of Pohnpei. He expressed gratitude for the important work that PPA has done and encouraged them to continue to move forward under the new leadership of  General Manager Grilly Jack.



General Manager Grilly Jack delivered remarks thanking Governor Oliver, the PPA Board of Directors, and staff for their support.  He asked for the board and employees to work together to support the ongoing important work of the Pohnpei Port Authority.



PPA is mandated by Pohnpei State Law to be responsible for the development, management, operation, and maintenance of Pohnpei ports and facilities. Furthermore, the law provides that “because of the distance between the islands of this State and their remoteness from large commercial centers of the world, transportation constitutes a vital link in the State’s efforts toward social development and economic self-sufficiency”.



Master of Ceremonies during the event was Mr. Joab Paul, Chief of Airport Police.



More information on PPA can be found on their website:

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