Kalahngan to the FSM Secretary of Education, Hon. Gardenia Aisek for her visit to Governor Oliver to seek support of and share the FSM Skills and Employability Enhancement Project, which aims to increase vocational and technical skills opportunities in Pohnpei and across the FSM. Joining Secretary Aisek was Education Advisor, Dr. Natalie Nimer and Career and Technical Education Coordinator, Ms. Rachel Salomon.



The project will be the first time the National Department of Education will work with the World Bank, who will be funding this human development project.



Dr. Natalie Nimer shared the background of this project which started at the 2018 Micronesian Presidents summit and later endorsed at the 2019 State and National Leadership Conference (SNLC).  The project will focus on 12th grade students, offering an intensive one year apprenticeship in areas like carpentry, electrical, IT/Computers, Culinary, Hospitality and book keeping.  The proposed location will be in a section of the former PATS High School in Madolenihmw.



Governor Oliver was very pleased to receive Secretary Aisek and her colleagues and was very happy to hear and support the project plans to increase vocational and technical skills for Pohnpeians and all youth in the FSM.


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