Governor Oliver welcomes Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints officials

Kalahngan to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) Elder Bill Davis, his wife Sister Wanda Davis, Elder John McCune and his wife Sister Debra McCune who came from Guam and Pohnpei Stake President William Rodriguez for their visit to Governor Oliver.


Governor Oliver thanked Elder Davis and McCune for the many contributions that the LDS Church has made to Pohnpei for many years.  He noted their donations of wheelchairs to the hospital, computers to schools and the postivie impact the LDS church has made in the lives of many Pohnpeian families.



Elder Davis and Elder McCune thanked Governor Oliver for his warm welcome.  Elder Davis noted that he has been visiting Pohnpei since 1986 and loves Pohnpei and her people.  They shared their activities in Pohnpei including an earlier visit to the Pohnpei Veterans Association where they donated a computer and printer, and also visits to PICS High School, a Women’s Disability group and Ohwa Christian Academy.  They also shared their continuing mission to help others inspired by the great commandment to love God and love thy neighbor as thy self.


Elder McCUne explained that the LDS church has over 17 million members worldwide and have provided over 100 million dollars worth of humanitarian aid across the world to not just members of their church but all in need.  Both Governor Oliver and the Elders discussed the benefit of providing long term benefits to help people be self reliant with dignity and respect, with Governor Oliver remarking that it is better to teach a man how to fish instead of giving him fish everyday.

Governor Oliver thanked the Elders, their wives and Stake President Rodriguez again for their visit and support, including spiritual support offered to many Pohnpeian families.


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