Mr. Luciano Abraham heads the Department of Land

Peilapalap, Pohnpei: April 14, 2023 – Mr. Luciano D. Abraham was sworn in by Pohnpei State Supreme Court Associate Judge Robert Nakasone in the Governor’s conference room as Mrs. Nanette A. Hallens, Director Abraham’s daughter, held the Bible.


After the oath of administration, Director Abraham delivered remarks conveying his appreciation to Governor Oliver, Acting Governor Ioanis, Speaker Yamaguchi, and the 10th Pohnpei Legislature for the nomination and confirmation as Director. He also thanked the Acting Director of Land, Wallet Elias, and the Department of Land employees for their work. Director Abraham underscored the importance of land in Pohnpeian culture while acknowledging the backlog of work that still exists. He presented a solution that includes computerizing land records for efficiency and to ensure they are not lost in a fire as court records were in 2019. Director Abraham also spoke of the work ethic he expects from his employees, calling attention to the importance of training and pledged to do his best as Director. He closed by sharing that he went to Genesis Hospital for a health check-up to ensure that he can meet the demands of his position as Director and received a positive response.


Speaker Marvin T. Yamaguchi presented a certificate of appointment to Director Abraham after being sworn in and IsoNahnken of Madolenihmw, Administrator of the Office of Transportation and Administration, John Adolph presented congratulatory remarks on behalf of the Acting Governor.


The brief ceremony was well attended by family members and employees from the Department of Land. Pwoud Lepen Palikir, Mr. Wilbur Walter, attended along with Senators from the 10th Pohnpei Legislature including Senator Mitaro Simina who delivered the opening prayer, Senator Ricky Carl, Senator Dahker Daniel, and Senator Wilfred Edmund.

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