Peilapalap, Pohnpei: August 3, 2023 – A joyful atmosphere filled the grounds of the Pohnpei Administrative Building as Governor Oliver played host to a grand welcome reception in honor of the delegation that proudly represented Pohnpei State at the 2nd Micronesian Expo in Kosrae. The event was a celebration of the delegation’s outstanding accomplishments and contributions to showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Pohnpei.



The Micronesian Expo, held annually, serves as a platform for the states of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) to unite their diverse cultures and economies. This year’s Expo in Kosrae showcased the best of each of the four FSM states, highlighting their unique traditions, products and opportunities for trade and investment.



In his welcoming remarks, Governor Oliver started off with apologies to the delegation for the late welcome reception. He went on to express his deep appreciation for the dedication, enthusiasm and hard work done to bring honor to Pohnpei State as a result of their performances and representation in Kosrae. Speaker Yamaguchi echoed the Governor’s words of appreciation, thanking the delegation for their beautiful representation of Pohnpei culture. Head of Delegation, Director of Treasury and Administration, Christina Elnei expressed her gratitude to the Governor and Speaker for their support, she also thanked the traditional leaders of the delegation who kept order and organization during the trip, including Dauk Kitti, Soulik en Sawmwei and Mr. Emerson Eperiam. Vice Speaker Miguel, who was also a member of the delegation, highlighted the important help from the Governor, Speaker and Legislature for funding assistance with the delegation. IsoNahnken of Madolenihmw and Administrator of the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure, Mr. John Adolph, closed the remarks for the day echoing again the deep appreciation for the delegation’s good work.



The welcome reception not only celebrated the delegation’s achievements but also underscored Pohnpei’s commitment to cultural exchange, economic growth and regional cooperation. The delegation was also able to perform their original song “KAMORALE” composed by Mr. Emerson Eperiam for the Governor, Speaker, IsoNahnken of Madolenihmw and all. Pohnpei is proud of the work done by the delegation to the 2nd Micronesian Expo in Kosrae and looks forward to the next annual Expo in Chuuk.


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