Peilapalap, Pohnpei: August 8, 2023 – Governor Oliver received Dr. Natalie Nimmer, Ms. Ivey Yeung and Mr. Pressler Martin from the National Department of Education. They paid a courtesy call on Governor Oliver at the Governor’s cabinet conference room to share the Pacific master’s in education (PACMED) program, with him.



There are currently 31 teachers and education specialists undertaking the PACMED, master’s degree Program in Education under the auspices of the University of Hawaii, Manoa. Dr. Nimmer described the PACMED program as a place- based culturally sustaining program that is currently funded through FSM scholarships and has a STEM focus. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The program is also supported by the College of Micronesia – with classroom space. Classes are online and after school hours with some Instruction done by local Instructors. Dr. Nimmer also shared that, Mr. Pressler Martin, is the In-Country Coordinator for the program.



Governor Oliver extended a warm welcome to Dr. Nimmer, Ms. Yeung and Mr. Martin, calling the program “wonderful news”. He expressed hope that this program and others like it will help more of our residents to stay and work in Pohnpei. Governor Oliver also asked if the program can be broadened to include degrees in other fields of study to help other employees in public service.



Pohnpei State is looking at 31 employees graduating next year with master’s degrees in education. We look forward to congratulating them and seeing more professional development programs delivered to our public service force.


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