Kolonia, Pohnpei: February 9, 2024 – The United States Veterans of Pohnpei (USVP) leadership, led by President Herman Semes Jr., paid a courtesy call on Governor Stevenson A. Joseph, accompanied by Vice President Winfred Mudong, Treasurer Canita Rilometo Nakamura, and Secretary Ray John. The meeting, also attended by Chief of Staff Kapilly Capelle, featured an introduction of USVP officers and a discussion on the organization’s priorities. Among the priorities outlined were the establishment of a memorial for Veterans, securing a dedicated space for the organization, and utilizing Pohnpei House in Honolulu for Veterans requiring medical services in Hawaii. Governor Joseph expressed gratitude for the Veterans and their vital priorities, acknowledging the significance of USVP as an essential organization. He sought their collaboration in identifying a suitable location for a memorial, affirmed willingness to work on providing a dedicated space, and supported formal requests regarding Pohnpei House to ensure active referrals align with its primary mandate. The meeting concluded with a commitment to ongoing collaboration for the well-being of Pohnpei’s Veterans.



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