Invasive Species Task Force of Pohnpei (ISTOP) Courtesy Call: Governor Joseph Commends Impressive Eradication Results

Kolonia, Pohnpei: March 7, 2024 – The Invasive Species Task Force of Pohnpei (ISTOP), led by Mr. Roseo Marquez from Micronesia Conservation Trust and Mr. Eugene Joseph from the Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP), paid a courtesy call to Governor Joseph to share updates on their groundbreaking work in eradicating invasive species on the island.

Mr. Marquez presented an overview of ISTOP’s comprehensive efforts, which include collaboration with representatives from State and FSM R&D, COM Land Grant, and FSM Quarantine. He highlighted the success of ISTOP’s training component and awareness initiatives, including an upcoming island ecology course scheduled for July, focused on combating invasive species.

The task force has successfully conducted symposiums at the municipal level, effectively engaging communities in the development of invasive species work plans. As a result, four invasive species have been completely eradicated from Pohnpei, with another four potentially eradicated by July 2024.

Governor Joseph welcomed Mr. Marquez, Mr. Joseph, and the entire ISTOP team, acknowledging the impressive results achieved in invasive species eradication. He expressed strong support for the ongoing efforts of ISTOP and emphasized the need for collaborative partnerships, especially with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) at the grassroots level.

In line with his vision of collaborating with NGOs to enhance governmental efforts, Governor Joseph recognized Mr. Konrad Englberger’s 26 years of dedicated work with ISTOP. Mr. Englberger’s contributions in training local technical experts were acknowledged, and the Governor thanked him for his significant role in helping Pohnpei combat invasive species.

Mr. Eugene Joseph also extended recognition to other individuals supporting the ISTOP initiative, including Deacon Adelino Lorens, Mr. Herson Anson, and Mr. Bill Raynor. He expressed gratitude for their contributions and emphasized the importance of political support in advancing the eradication efforts.

Mr. Joseph highlighted the imminent threat of the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB), already present in RMI and Palau, and stressed the need for swift action to counter the potential invasion of Pohnpei’s shores.

ISTOP shared specific updates with Governor Joseph, detailing successful eradication efforts, including Octopus Tree, Honolulu Rose, Feral Pigeons, and Myrna Bird. The task force aims to build on these achievements and continues to seek political support for its vital mission.

The collaboration between ISTOP and the Pohnpei government marks a significant step forward in the battle against invasive species, demonstrating the effectiveness of collective efforts in preserving Pohnpei’s unique ecological balance.

Also present during the courtesy call: Mr. Eugene Eperiam, Acting Director of Pohnpei State R&D, Mark Kostka FSM R&D, JayDee Carl FSM Quarantine, Renwick Weilbacher FSM Quarantine, Jorg Anson Pohnpei State EPA, and Ikins Riggins from COM Land Grant.

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