Kolonia, Pohnpei: April 12, 2024 — Governor Stevenson A. Joseph has made the decision to withhold his signature on Legislative Bill No. 19-24 LD2, allowing it to pass into law as State Law No. 11L-05-24. In a letter dated April 8, 2024, addressed to Speaker Marvin T. Yamaguchi and the esteemed members of the 11th Pohnpei Legislature, Governor Joseph outlined the rationale behind his action.

Expressing reservations about the contents of the bill, Governor Joseph highlighted that “Most of these appropriations were floor amendments which conveniently bypassed proper oversight to validate the urgency of these needs.” This lack of rigorous oversight raised significant concerns for Governor Joseph, as it compromises the integrity of the legislative process and potentially undermines the prudent allocation of public funds.

In closing, Governor Joseph emphasized the importance of adopting a measured and systematic approach to the appropriation of public funds, underscoring the need for comprehensive vetting and prioritization of Pohnpei State’s diverse needs.


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