A patrol boat (FSS Independence) carrying 16 crew and 8 passengers originating from Yap via Chuuk arrived in Pohnpei on Friday, May 1 2020. Before the Medical Health team had an opportunity to screen the crew and passengers, a situation developed.

This is to inform the general public that as of 12:00 pm on Saturday, May 2, 2020, FSM National Police arrived armed at the Maritime Surveillance Port, breached security and quarantine, and removed 11 of the 24 individuals from the vessel without Medical authorization.

The current whereabouts of the 11 removed individuals are unknown at this time.  They are being asked to immediately present themselves to the current designated quarantine site at China Star in Dekehtik.  Their families and any people who have come in contact with them are being requested to self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days at home due to the possible risk of exposure.  The general public is also requested to NOT have any contact with these people and their families or anyone they came in contact with.  The 11 individuals are as follows:

  • Kayvin Yarotailug
  • Jon Jovi Jim
  • Wyner Manuel
  • Mohammad Kutty
  • Jefferson Teruo
  • Augustine Mathias
  • Dorothy Ann Inchin
  • Manex Kumos
  • TJ Shirai
  • Punathon Robert
  • Mayson Fredrick

Should anyone who came in contact with these individuals develop symptoms of COVID-19, such as cough, sore throat, or fever, they are strongly urged to call 320-3109.  Should any of the identified individuals or anyone who came in contact with them present to the Pohnpei State Hospital, Genesis, community dispensaries, or any health facilities, health care workers are advised to immediately inform relevant authorities and call 320-3109.

Despite these two FSM states currently being COVID-19 free and in accordance with the current Pohnpei Constitutional Emergency Order, the Pohnpei State Department of Health and Social Services has established medical screening protocols for all incoming passengers via air or sea, which include quarantine.  Around April 21 – 23, 2020, Yap State reported a PUI death due to symptoms consistent with COVID-19.  Tests of the person indicated negative results, however, it was reported that testing was only 70 percent accurate.  It has also been reported that vessels continue to visit outer islands of other FSM states without appropriate medical screening.

This information is provided to safeguard the public. The public is further informed that the above individuals are not confirmed COVID-19 cases, but may pose a high risk to the public since they have not been adequately screened using proper medical protocols.



3 thoughts on “Urgent and Breaking News from the Pohnpei State COVID-19 Task Force”
  1. The leadership in the FSM National Government must explain and apolosize to Pohnpei State for this unexpected and irresponsible act. Our system of justice, if we exercise it right, clearly said that no one is above the law, meaning everyone person up to the Governor and President must be treated equally under the law.

    Breaching the Pohnpei State’s Government COVID-19 Coronavirus health protocol is a very sensitive issue which I belief will be in the interest of the Governors of Yap, Chuuk, and Kosrae. What happened here in Pohnpei can happen to other sister States in the future. Most importantly, is our unity, as we know some members of Pohnpei leadership are having the second thought on this unity, their reason simiar to that of CNMI, Palau, and Marshall not getting the fair share of the pie.

    A black and while document which the FSM National Government’s Secretary of the Department of Justice gave us in a meetng which he called, set out clearly, and we have agreed that certain documents on the boat movement such as ship log’s and report from the captain on the health condition of the crews will be submitted to us (Pohnpei COVID-19 Task Force) for review and issue decision on how to treat patrol crews to prevent risk of COVID-19. Any one who is interested to find out details on thisneed to aquaint yourshelf with both emergency declarations, one by the President and the other by the Pohnpei Governor. Let us avoid a kind of government run by the military or the police because it is against our democracy.

    In this time of hardship, let us put everything behind collaboration, cooperation, alignment, and so forth to prevent COVID-19 Coronavirus from reaching our shore.

    Good day and thank you all who read my short comment.

  2. Fruit of Thoughts: Funny, funny, funny. I am not surprised to this type of situation taken place again in FSM States. Now in Pohnpei. Last month it happened in Kosrae when the fishing boat enters the harbor and the crews embarked the ship. What happen here is that maybe your Directive did not reach the Captain of the ship. Maybe your team members on watch at that time of the arrival of the ship were not there at the dock or maybe they were enjoying the sunset drinking SAKAU and forget their duty. So before you put the blame on someone else, you have to check first from your Task Force. Check who was on duty and why is it that this happen. The eleven people will NOT embark the ship if there was NO Task Force members at the Port, unless the passengers just ignored the orders from your Task Force. Don’t tell me that your Task Force members are NOT station at the Sea Port, so therefore, the passengers embarked the ship on their will. If this is the case then there is no need of your Task Force. Your Task Force should know what to do when it comes this type of situation. So, please check first from your Task Force Team and you will find the answers. Thank you and I hope my sharing will enlighten you and your Task Force. Nice job for enforcing the Rules on this Pandemic Coronavirus. God bless you and your family and your Task Force Team. Kaselel!

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