1. On Tuesday, June 30, 2020, the Madolenihmw Municipal Government (MMG) COVID19 Task Force presented their COVID-19 response plan to Governor Oliver, Lieutenant Governor Perman, and the COVID-19 Task Force.  Chairman of the MMG Task Force, Mr. Stuard Penias, Meninkeder Lapalap, Mr. Petrick Ringlen, and Task Force member, Mr. Patterson Shed, Chairman of MMG’s Land and Natural Resources Committee gave an overview of the plan.  The plan covers Madolenihmw Municipal Government’s levels of readiness once a positive case is identified in Pohnpei and then, once a positive case is identified in Madolenihmw. Food Security plans incorporate Rice and Taro. The plan also highlights the importance of aligning state and municipal resources to protect and prepare the community through controlling movement in Madolenihmw, home isolation, and continuing critical public services. Governor Oliver thanked the MMG COVID19 Task Force for their presentation.  They are the second municipality to present their COVID19 response plan to the State Task Force.
  2. On Tuesday, June 30, 2020, Pohnpei Public Auditor, Iso-Nahnken U, Ihlen Joseph, and his staff visited Lieutenant Governor Perman, COVID-19 Task Force Chairman, Mr. Wincener David, Director of Finance and Administration, Ms. Christina Elnei and members of the State COVID-19 Task Force. The purpose of the meeting was to conduct an audit entrance conference.  The Pohnpei Public Auditor’s office will be conducting an audit on all COVID-19 expenditures from February to June 30, 2020.  Public Auditor Mr. Ihlen Joseph noted that this is a global movement that is occurring across many countries even in the Pacific to hold real-time audits to counter fraud, abuse, and waste of much-needed funds for COVID19 response efforts.  Governor Perman pledged to support the audit and noted that Pohnpei State Government continues to meet all requirements set by Financial Management Regulations even during this crisis.
  3. On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, from the Department of Resources and Development, led by Mr. Hubert Yamada, a group of approximately 20 farmers from the Lenger Island Partnership Guaranteed System held their first local produce sale. On May 15, 2020, with a $200 donation provided through the Micronesian Conservation Trust from a family in the USA, and technical support from Pohnpei State’s Resources and Development’s Division of Agriculture, the Farmers started planting seeds.  After an additional visit by Chief of Agriculture, Mr. Mark Kostka, to provide further training to transplant the seedlings to the ground, the group was able to sell all their local produce on 1 July 2020 within minutes at the Pohnpei Public market generating $600. The Division of Agriculture under the Department of Resources and Development provides information and technical assistance to farmers to improve crop and livestock production.


COVID19 update:  There are no COVID19 cases in FSM, RMI or Palau, due to total bans on disembarkation of passengers from COVID19 infected countries.


According to the Pohnpei State Department of Health COVID19 Situation Report #25 for July 4 – 6, 2020, these are the global and regional COVID-19 numbers:



Location Confirmed Cases New cases Deaths
Global 11,304,534 211,352 531,659
Hawaii 999 82 19
Guam 288 40 5
CNMI 31 1 2


Two news articles in Hawaii, have noted that Pacific Islanders in Hawaii, including Micronesians, make up 4 percent of the population but account for 23 percent of all COVID19 cases.  The articles note that the communal style of living, contributes to the high infection rate among the Pacific Islanders, including Micronesians, in Hawaii.


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