The newly appointed Board of Land Trustees for the Administration of Public Lands held their inaugural meeting on August 25, 2020, 9:30 am at the Department of Land and Natural Resources. Director of the Department of Land and Natural Resources Hon. Peter Lohn (Wasahi Sokehs) and key staff were also present for the inaugural meeting.
The purpose of this inaugural meeting was to organize the new Board as follows:
Chairman – Mr. John Nakanaga
Vice-Chairperson- Mrs. Antonia Primo Moses (Likend U)
Secretary – Mr. Patterson Shed
Trustee – Mr. Lewis Santos
Trustee – Mr. Wayne Mendiola Jr.
Trustee – Mr. Max Lebehn
Trustee – Mr. Esirom Neth
The Pohnpei State Public Land Trustee Board of Trustees is now set to conduct business with the first regular meeting scheduled for September 9, 2020.
Photos: Courtesy of Mr. Patterson Shed


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