On Friday, August 28, 2020, Governor Oliver was paid a courtesy visit by Mr. Autry Waguk and three trainees from the Department of Education’s Workforce Development and Skills Training Program (WD & ST). Mr. Waguk and his trainees shared their recent harvest of vegetables with Governor Oliver and Lt. Governor Perman. The harvest included cucumbers, eggplants, red and green peppers, green onions, and other vegetables.
Governor Oliver thanked Mr. Waguk and the trainees for their visit highlighting the importance of agriculture to health. He encouraged and supported agriculture not only as a profession but also as an important skill for food security, especially during this global pandemic and for future generations.
Mr. Waguk explained that he also teaches agriculture and farming skills to elementary school students across Pohnpei. The harvest yielded by Mr. Waguk and his trainees also supplement the school lunch program at all Early Childhood Education (ECE) centers in Pohnpei.
Mr. Waguk was accompanied by trainees Relian Saimon, Jaylee Barnabas and Marlo Kallop
The Workforce Development and Skills Training program train the youth to develop and acquire the skills for employment and to be self-sufficient. The services are designed and delivered in a manner that maintains focus and relevant career development, education alignment, and job placement. For more information please contact the Department of Education at 320-2103.


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