On October 30, 2020, Governor Oliver met with FSM Secretary of Transportation, Communication, and Infrastructure (TC&I), Mr. Carlson Apis, at the Governor’s cabinet room. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss communications, public projects, transportation, and other items to align and coordinate efforts in these areas.  Secretary Apis was accompanied by Mr. Takuro Akinaga from the FSM’s Telecommunications Regulation Authority (TRA), Mr. Jolden Johnnyboy, and Edward Albert from TC&I, Mr. Rob Solomon from FSM Department of Finance and joining via zoom, Mr. Mike Lott with FSM Open Access Entity (OAE) and Mr. Frank McLaughlin with FSM TRA.  Secretary Apis asked for Governor Oliver’s and the State of Pohnpei’s support with the liberalization of telecommunication services, listing a number of expected improvements and upgrades, including a short presentation by Mr. Mike Lott on Fibre optic access and benefits. Governor Oliver and Secretary Apis also discussed Pohnpei Transportation Authority’s potential development as a semi-autonomous entity, similar to PUC that can translate to improved service and delivery not just for Pohnpei but for the nation.  Finally, the Governor and Secretary spoke on the expected renovation of the Pohnpei State Government Administration building by China Construction Steel Structure Corporation. Secretary Apis agreed that Pohnpei’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure will take the lead on this project.  Governor Oliver thanked Secretary Apis for his visit and looked forward to the continued coordination and alignment of State and National communication, infrastructure, and transportation projects.


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