1.Governor Oliver meets with the Cultural Day Organizing Committee

On Monday, March 8, 2021, Governor Oliver met with members of the organizing committee for the 37th Cultural Day.  Cultural Day is held annually on March 31 and is a legal public holiday in Pohnpei.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing concerns, there was no public celebration held last year. This year, a small gathering will be held at the Governor’s Conference Room under the theme: “Sapwellimatail Tiahk iei Sapwellimatail Ieiias” 

The Officers of the organizing committee are; Mr. Santos Abraham the Chairman, from the Division of Social Services, Department of Health and Social Services, Mr. Jason Barnabas, Vice Chairman, from the Office of Historic Preservations, Department of Land and Ms. Suannrita Ladore, the Secretary/Treasurer, from the Public Affairs Office of the Governor.  Mr. Abraham shared the proposed schedule of activities with Governor Oliver noting that final preparations will be made soon and communicated to the Office of the Governor.  Governor Oliver was very happy to receive and support the organizing committee and looked forward to the final dates and program for cultural day 2021. 


2. MCT Check handover for Protected Area Network Coordinator Position

On Tuesday, March 9, 2021, Lt. Governor Perman and the Director of Resources and Development, Mr. Hubert Yamada, met with the Executive Director of Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT), Mr. William Kostka, and members of his staff.  The purpose of this meeting was to officially hand over a check for the salary/position of the State Protected Area Network Coordinator (SPANC) check in the amount of $16,922.80 to Lt. Governor Perman of the Pohnpei State Government.  The position duration is for two years, and the SPANC position is housed within the Department of Resources and Development, Pohnpei State Government.  

The position responsibilities include leading the overall work of the State Protected Area Network, ensuring operations are coordinated and efficiently run with local and state partners, including FSM Department of Resources and Development, FSM Ridge to Reef program, FSM Department of Environment, Climate Change, and Emergency Management, Pohnpei State Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Division of Fish and Wildlife and other non-governmental organizations like Conservation Society of Pohnpei.

3.  Governor Oliver’s Second State of the State message

On Thursday, March 11, 2021, Governor Oliver delivered his second State of the State message of the Oliver/Perman administration to the 10th Pohnpei State Legislature, Mwoalen Wahu, and the People of Pohnpei.

The State of the State message is an annual report ordered by Section 9 of Article 9 of the Pohnpei State Constitution.

Governor acknowledged the impact of COVID-19 over the year and expressed hope for better conditions as the COVID-19 vaccinations and reliable laboratory testing are made available.  He encouraged everyone to get vaccinated, residents of Pohnpei from age 18 years old and above.

Governor’s report highlighted activities of the Pohnpei state government for 2020.  He delivered a general summary for achievements, activities, needs, and future plans for the state government departments of  Health and Social Services, Education, Resources and Management, Public Safety, the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure, Budget, and Finance.  He also addressed the payment on the Municipal Governments’ Revenue Shares.  Governor concluded his report with respect and thanks to the people of Pohnpei, traditional leaders, the 10th Pohnpei Legislature, Chief Justice of Pohnpei State Supreme Court, and the members of the Diplomatic Corps represented by the US Embassy, Japan Embassy, Australian Embassy, and Chinese Embassy. 

Governor Oliver’s full address can be heard online at http://www.pohnpeistate.gov.fm

4. IOM Courtesy Call to Governor Oliver

On Friday, March 12, 2021, Governor Oliver and Lt. Governor Perman received a courtesy call from the Office of IOM-Micronesia.  Mr. Herman Semes, Jr., Mr. Harut Sarian, Mr. Brandon Taiwermal, and Mr. Ryan McVey visited Governor Oliver, Lt. Governor Perman, and Chairman of the Pohnpei State COVID-19 Task Force, Mr. Wincener David, in the Cabinet Conference Room. 

The IOM-Micronesia team delivered a presentation on their Inclusive Mitigation and Preparedness in Action (IMPACT) program.  The program’s outcomes are to strengthen the resilience of communities, empower the youth and women to be agents of change in their communities and support US Government partners to assess damages after a disaster. The presentation shared IMPACT’s achievements in the local communities of Kapingamarangi, Peidie, Sokehs, and Wone, Kitti.

Governor Oliver was pleased to receive the IOM team and hear their achievements up to date in the communities of Kapingamarangi, Peidie, Sokehs, and Wone, Kitti.  He acknowledged the help that IOM has provided to the people of Pohnpei in the past and recently with the Kapingamarangi drought relief, where they provided tanks, water catchment systems, maintenance on reverse osmosis machines, and drought assessments.  He also mentioned other areas, like Lohd in Madolenihmw that are also experiencing drought conditions.  

Governor Oliver highlighted the need for coordination with organizations like IOM that provide expert advice, assistance, and materials to communities in Pohnpei.  Moving forward, Governor Oliver asked for an update on upcoming projects so that the State Government can coordinate with relevant agencies and departments, and local communities. 

5. Medical Monitoring Area in Dekehtik – Final Inspection

On Friday, March 12, 2021, Governor Oliver, Lt. Governor Perman, Chairman of Pohnpei State COVID-19 Task Force, Mr. Wincener David, Dr. Nora Liwy, Dr. Rally Jim and Task Force members, visited the Medical Monitoring Area (MMA) in Dekehtik.  The visit was part of a final inspection to view the quarantine container units and the rest of the facility including a tent hospital set up by Pohnpei Utilities Corporation (PUC).  

Mr. Danny Lebehn from PUC escorted Governor Oliver through the facilities.  The tent hospital currently has a 30-bed capacity with three separate wings and air conditioning.  The quarantine container units are lined up, with air conditioning, electricity, and plumbing already installed.  Ten (10) units were donated from the People’s Republic of China.  Pohnpei State Government provided 30 container units = 25 Single Units, 5 Family Size units, including Hospital Tents.

With the setup and completion of the MMA in Dekehtik, Pohnpei State is standing by to work with the National Government to repatriate the first batch of citizens from abroad. 

Special thanks to the US Embassy, Chinese Embassy, PUC, Pohnpei Transportation Authority, and Pohnpei Port Authority for all the support and assistance with the MMA.


Enginkehlap 10-21 News Program can also be heard at 8am and 4pm on V6AH AM 1449 and FM 89.7 in Pohnpeian.  An audio recording of that program is also provided below:



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