On Thursday, April 15, 2021, 21 students from the Sapwalap, Madolenihmw Early Childhood Education (ECE) Center visited the Governor’s Office and toured the Pohnpei State Government Administration Building. 

The students, teachers, and parents were welcomed by the Director of the Department of Education, Mr. Stanley Etse, in the Governor’s Conference Room.  The students were then given a tour of the building, starting with a visit to Governor’s Office.

Governor Oliver received the students, teachers, and parents to the Governor’s Office, which he advised is their office as well.  He encouraged the students to continue to learn and work hard and shared some information about the Governor’s Office, including a quick history lesson that included the names of the previous Governors of Pohnpei.  He thanked the teachers and parents for their support of the student’s education.

The students were each presented with a backpack that contained a water bottle, crayons, and coloring books from the Governor’s Office, and notebooks and pencils donated by Ray and Dors.



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