Governor Reed B. Oliver administered the oath of administration to the final member of the Price Control Commission on Tuesday, October 20, 2021. Mr. Kanoberson Asher received the oath of office in the Governor’s cabinet conference room, Peilapalap, Kolonia. Hon. Senator Jayson Walter presented Mr. Asher his certificate of appointment. Both Governor Oliver and Speaker Edwin conveyed their appreciation and gratitude as the Price Control Commission is now fully staffed with the appointment of Mr. Kanoberson Asher.
Click the link below to listen to Governor Oliver’s remarks:
Immediately following the swearing-in ceremony, Governor Oliver, as the temporary Chairman of the Price Control Commission convened the first meeting of the Commission to organize the commission. The Price Control Commission is organized as follows:
Chairman: Mr. Kohler Carl
Vice-Chairman: Mr. Stuard Penias
Secretary/Treasurer: Ms. Marstella Jack
Member: Mr. Jordan Ardos
Member: Mr. Kanoberson
Congratulations to all.


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