Governor Oliver welcomed students, Mr. Ian Perman from Calvary Christian Academy and Ms. Destiny Rose Gallen from Pohnpei Adventist High School to the Governor’s Office along with Department of Education personnel, Mr. Benjie Phillip, and Mr. Remenster Johnna on Wednesday, February 16, 2022. The students are participating in the upcoming Student Takeover Day, on February 23, 2022, and stopped by for an orientation to what will be their offices for a day. Mr. Perman is the student Governor and Ms. Gallen is the student Lt. Governor.
This is the second year for Student Takeover Day. Employers from the State, National, and Non-Governmental Organizations will allow High School Seniors from public and private schools across Pohnpei to takeover, participate and experience what it is like to be in the workforce. Thank you to the following offices and organizations for their support and participation:
FSM Telecommunications Corporation
Department of Land
Department of Treasury and Finance
Pohnpei Port Authority
Office of Public Auditor
Pohnpei Housing Authority
Environmental Protection Agency
Budget Office
Pohnpei FSM Social Security branch
FSM Development Bank
Department of Public Safety
Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Pohnpei Public Broadcasting Corporation (V6AH)
Department of Health and Social Affairs
National Oceanic Resources Management Authority (NORMA)
Micronesian Conservation Trust
Weather Station
Department of Education
Division of Tourism, Department of Resources and Development
Micronesian Legal Services Corporation
Pohnpei Transportation Authority
Ohmine Elementary School
Kolonia Elementary School
Pohnpei Community Health Center Dispensary
Office of Transportation and Infrastructure
Pohnpei Sports Development Office


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