Governor Oliver visits Special Education Center

Governor Oliver stopped by the Pohnpei State Special Education Center to visit students and wish them a Merry Christmas. During his visit, Governor Oliver addressed the students, teachers and family members present. He expressed his sincere appreciation for the programs that seek to support and encourage students with disabilities, praising their efforts and wishing them all a Merry Christmas. Gift bags were distributed to the students along with snacks for the students.



Also present during the visit were Mr. Nathaniel Lohn and Ms. Lola Helgenberger from the FSM Department of Health’s Social Affairs division. Mr. Lohn and Ms. Helgenberger presented gift certificates worth $100 redeemable at Ace Office Supplies, on behalf of the Secretary of the FSM Department of Health, Mr. Marcus Samo.



Mr. Jesse Solomon, Special Education Coordinator, ended the short program thanking the Governor, his staff, Mr. Lohn and Ms. Helgenberger for their support of Pohnpei Special Education Services.

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