Governor Oliver recievied Mr. Soster Edgar and Mr.James Tim from the Division of Agriculture, Department of Resources and Develpment.

Peilapalap, Pohnpei: August 30, 2023 – Governor Oliver received Mr. Sosler Edgar and Mr. James Tim from the Division of Agriculture, Department of Resources and Development. Mr. Edgar and Mr. Tim paid a visit to Governor Oliver to present a vibrant array of freshly harvested vegetables from the Pohnpei Botanical Gardens.



The Division of Agriculture maintains an office at the botanical gardens, known locally as Pwunso. The visit showcased the rich variety of crops cultivated at the Pohnpei botanical gardens in Kolonia.



Governor Oliver expressed his delight at receiving the local produce. He thanked Mr. Edgar and Mr. Tim, the Division of Agriculture and the Director of the Department of Resources of Development, Mr. Hubert Yamada, for the good work being done to advance and highlight the agricultural sector in Pohnpei. Governor Oliver was especially pleased to learn that most of the produce was grown and harvested in Kolonia at the Pohnpei Botanical Gardens, Pwunso area, with the remaining produce brought down from the China Pilot Farm in Madolenihmw.



The bountiful assortment of vegetables underscored the successful implementation of the Division of Agriculture’s strategies for improving crop yields, optimizing resource utilization, and showcased the bountiful harvest from the soil of Pohnpei. The botanical gardens hold historical, cultural and educational value and present a unique opportunity for fostering local initiatives that benefit our community in diverse ways.

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