Ongoing Disaster Response Efforts in Pohnpei State – Eastern and Southern Islands

Kolonia, Pohnpei: February 13, 2024 – In the wake of severe drought conditions in the Eastern Islands and seawater inundation in the Southern Islands, Pohnpei State is actively engaged in disaster response efforts to alleviate the impact on affected communities. The situation has prompted a robust collaborative effort from various organizations and entities, with a particular focus on ensuring the well-being of those in the outer islands.

Generous donations from individuals and organizations, including 24000 gallons of water, 1,517 sacks of rice, 203 cases of ramen, 190 (5lbs) pieces of flour, and hygiene kits from UNICEF, have been instrumental in providing immediate relief to the affected populations.

Pohnpei State authorities are in the process of transporting these essential items to the outer islands. The National Fisheries Corporation (NFC) has graciously offered a vessel to support the transportation of the donated items and assessment teams to expedite the relief efforts.

Pohnpei State is committed to conducting thorough damage assessments in the Outer Islands to understand the extent of the crisis and tailor the response accordingly. The state government is awaiting suitable transportation to facilitate these assessments and ensure targeted aid distribution.

However, the National Weather Service warns that the challenges are likely to persist. A continued high probability of extremely dry conditions in the State of Pohnpei is anticipated up to March 2024, attributed to the lack of rainfall. This emphasizes the ongoing need for sustained support and coordinated efforts to mitigate the impact on affected communities.

The Pohnpei State government expresses its gratitude to all individuals, organizations, and the National Fisheries Corporation for their collaborative efforts in addressing this crisis. Regular updates will be provided as the situation unfolds.

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