Courtesy Call by JICA Delegation to Governor Stevenson A. Joseph Highlights Continued Collaboration for Pohnpei’s Development

Kolonia, Pohnpei: February 13, 2024 – Governor Stevenson A. Joseph warmly welcomed a delegation from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), led by Resident Representative Kunihiro Yamauchi, along with Kazuhiko Ishijima, Volunteer Coordinator, Kordy Carl, Program Officer, and Saho Higuchi, JICA Volunteer placed under environmental education at DECCEM. Joining Governor Joseph was Mr. Benneth Edmund from the Governor’s Overseas Development Assistance Unit.

During the courtesy call, Governor Joseph expressed gratitude for the invaluable support and services provided by JICA to Pohnpei State. He extended his thanks for the ongoing collaboration and looked forward to continued assistance in various sectors.

Discussions during the meeting encompassed several sectors where JICA has been actively involved in supporting Pohnpei’s development. Notable areas of collaboration included waste management, elementary school mathematics education, and health initiatives with a particular focus on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). Both Governor Joseph and Mr. Yamauchi emphasized the crucial role of behavior change, particularly among the youth, in tackling health challenges.

Infrastructure development was also a key topic of discussion, with specific attention given to the expansion projects at the Pohnpei port and airport. Mr. Yamauchi sought the advice and collaboration of the Pohnpei State government to identify areas where JICA can provide assistance effectively. Governor Joseph welcomed this initiative, emphasizing the need for careful vetting and review to ensure maximum benefit for Pohnpei.

Mr. Yamauchi shared insights into JICA’s plans, including the expectation of deploying 11 volunteers by the end of the year. He also highlighted various courses offered in Japan that could further support Pohnpei’s development goals.

In closing, Governor Joseph expressed his appreciation for the collaboration and reiterated his commitment to working closely with JICA for the betterment of Pohnpei State. The meeting concluded with a shared vision of a strengthened partnership between JICA and Pohnpei, fostering sustainable development and growth.

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