Acting FSM Postmaster General Juliet Jimmy Engages in Productive Courtesy Call with Governor Stevenson A. Joseph

Kolonia, Pohnpei: February 16, 2024 — Acting FSM Postmaster General Juliet Jimmy, accompanied by her delegation, Pohnpei Postal Branch Manager Yupeter Pelep, Postal Inspector Wensper Raymond, and Secretary Stephanie Mendiola, recently paid a courtesy call to Governor Stevenson A. Joseph, fostering an open dialogue on postal services and addressing key concerns related to the FSM Postal Services.

Governor Joseph warmly welcomed Acting Postmaster General Jimmy and her delegation, expressing gratitude for the essential role played by the postal system in facilitating communication and commerce within the Federated States of Micronesia. He specifically acknowledged the valuable assistance provided by the U.S. Post Office in supporting the FSM Postal Services.

During the meeting, Governor Joseph raised concerns about the escalating prices associated with sending items via mail and its impact on the public. Despite these concerns, he affirmed his support for the FSM Postal Services, recognizing the vital role it plays in connecting communities and facilitating trade.

Acting Postmaster General Juliet Jimmy clarified that the increase in postal rates is a result of the agreement between the FSM and U.S. Postal Services. She explained that postal rates are set by the U.S. Postal Services, and conditions have remained virtually unchanged in the new Compact of Free Association, pending ratification by the U.S. Congress.

Regarding concerns about the sale of goods by mail, Acting Postmaster General Jimmy clarified that while it is prohibited under the agreement with the U.S. Postal Services, sending gifts through postal services is allowed, with usual restrictions placed on these items.

Acting Postmaster General Jimmy acknowledged the need for improved public awareness and customer service within the FSM Postal Services, committing to make it a priority. She emphasized the importance of providing clear and accessible information to the public regarding postal services.

Addressing a past issue of rats at the Post Office, the Acting Postmaster General assured Governor Joseph that the situation has been taken care of and is under control. She also revealed plans to upgrade postal facilities to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience.

The courtesy call concluded with a commitment to ongoing collaboration and transparency between the FSM Postal Services and the Pohnpei State Government, ensuring the continued improvement and accessibility of postal services for the people of Pohnpei.

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