Mr. Elden John Sworn In as Member of Pohnpei State Sports Commission

Kolonia, Pohnpei: February 15, 2024 – In a brief ceremony at the Governor’s temporary office in Kolonia, Pohnpei, Mr. Elden John was officially sworn in as a member of the Pohnpei State Sports Commission. The ceremony, graced by the presence of Pohnpei Sports Development Officer Mr. Ramsie Joab, witnessed Governor Stevenson A. Joseph administering the oath of administration, with Mrs. Elsy Rose Santos holding the Bible for Mr. John.

Following the swearing-in, Mr. John expressed his gratitude to Governor Joseph, the Legislature, and U Municipality. He humbly acknowledged the trust placed in him and assured that he would strive to do his best in collaboration with his fellow Commissioners. Mr. John refrained from making promises, emphasizing his commitment to dedicated service.

Governor Joseph, in his remarks, highlighted the meticulous process that led to Mr. John’s appointment. The Chief Minister of U submitted Mr. John’s nomination, which subsequently received the due advice and consent from the Legislature. Governor Joseph charged Mr. John to be a responsible member of the Pohnpei Sports Commission, emphasizing the role of strengthening the minds and bodies of the local community.

In a forward-looking vision, Governor Joseph urged Commissioner John and Sports Development Officer Ramsie Joab to collaborate with other members of the Sports Commission. Their collective efforts are essential in preparing Pohnpei for the upcoming Micronesian Games scheduled to be held in Majuro in July this year.

Mr. Elden John’s induction into the Pohnpei State Sports Commission not only signifies an addition to the esteemed body but also reflects his dedication towards advancing sports excellence in Pohnpei.

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