Governor Stevenson Joseph of Pohnpei Engages in Productive Talks with Indian Ambassador Shambu Kumaran

Kolonia, Pohnpei: February 20, 2024 – In a momentous courtesy visit, His Excellency Shambu Kumaran, the Indian Ambassador to the Federated States of Micronesia, met with Governor Stevenson Joseph of Pohnpei to explore avenues of collaboration and partnership. The warm reception extended by Governor Joseph set the tone for constructive discussions on potential areas of cooperation.

Ambassador Kumaran expressed his delight at being in Pohnpei and conveyed his eagerness to explore the possibilities of collaboration between India and Pohnpei, through the FSM National Government. “We are here to explore what we can do as partners,” he stated.

During the meeting, Ambassador Kumaran outlined the strengths and expertise of India in various fields, emphasizing priority areas for Pohnpei. He highlighted India’s capabilities in IT, agriculture, and healthcare, specifically in medical devices and diagnostics utilizing innovative IT applications that transform the cost and accessibility of healthcare.

The Ambassador also discussed the potential of supplying an MRI machine to Pohnpei, recognizing the significance of advanced medical equipment in enhancing healthcare services in the region. Furthermore, he shared opportunities for education and training, mentioning short courses offered in India and online platforms.

Technical assistance was also on the agenda, with Ambassador Kumaran proposing short-term training courses and the possibility of Indian experts providing assistance in specific fields. The discussions focused on collaborative initiatives that could contribute to the development and enhancement of various sectors in Pohnpei.

Governor Joseph expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Kumaran for sharing valuable insights and expertise. He acknowledged the potential benefits of collaboration with the Indian Government in areas crucial for Pohnpei’s progress. Governor Joseph highlighted plans by the legislature’s health committee to establish a referral program with India, recognizing the potential for mutual benefit.

A key point of agreement between the Governor and the Ambassador was the approach to aid – both concurred that it should be user-driven rather than donor-driven. This perspective aligns with the shared commitment to fostering sustainable and impactful collaboration that addresses the specific needs and priorities of Pohnpei.

The meeting concluded with a sense of optimism and a commitment to furthering the discussions for the benefit of both Pohnpei and India. Governor Joseph and Ambassador Kumaran expressed their joint aspiration for a meaningful partnership that drives positive change in the region.

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