Mercatus Holding Group Representatives Explore Collaborative Opportunities During Courtesy Visit to Pohnpei

Kolonia, Pohnpei: February 19, 2024 – Ms. Joyce Socao and Ms. Emelie Escasinas, esteemed representatives from the Mercatus Holding Group, including Time Medical Group and Digihealth Specialists, recently undertook a courtesy visit to Pohnpei. Accompanying them was Mr. Ramil Ilagun, the General Manager of MedPharm, who had a prior meeting with Governor Joseph earlier this month.

The purpose of the visit was to engage in discussions with Governor Joseph on the latest breakthroughs in medical science, prompted by proposed legislation aiming to establish a medical diagnostics center in Pohnpei. The delegates shared insights into cutting-edge innovations, particularly focusing on advanced MRI technology that could revolutionize medical diagnostics in the region.

Additionally, the delegation introduced Governor Joseph to the latest advancements in automated telehealth, showcasing a machine akin to an ATM that provides instant readings for blood pressure, blood glucose, body mass index, and various other diagnostics.

Governor Joseph expressed his gratitude for the visit and acknowledged the impressive technological advancements presented. He also took the opportunity to share the unique medical challenges faced by Pohnpei, especially in dealing with non-communicable diseases (NCD), which require specialized equipment such as dialysis machines. Governor Joseph emphasized the need for a preventive approach over a curative one to address the healthcare needs of Pohnpei citizens.

While expressing appreciation for the technology shared, Governor Joseph noted that Pohnpei may not be ready for the presented level of technology at this time. He thanked Ms. Socao and Ms. Escasinas for their visit, expressing hope for continued collaboration in the future.

Ms. Socao and Ms. Escasinas, in response, expressed their understanding and commitment to exploring collaborative opportunities that align with the readiness and priorities of the Pohnpei healthcare system. They conveyed their appreciation for the openness and dialogue initiated by Governor Joseph and pledged ongoing support for the region’s healthcare initiatives.

The courtesy visit by the Mercatus Holding Group representatives signifies a positive step towards potential collaboration between the group and Pohnpei. It highlights the importance of understanding and addressing the specific needs and readiness of the local healthcare system in forging meaningful partnerships.

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