PICS High School, Pohnpei: April 4, 2024 – Governor Stevenson A. Joseph attended a momentous handover ceremony at PICS High School today, where five greenhouses were generously donated by the People’s Republic of China through the Pilot Farm project. The ceremony, held at the Principal’s Office, was marked by the presence of Mr. Yang Zuoyuan, Counselor representing Mr. Wu Wei, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Federated States of Micronesia.

In his address, Mr. Yang highlighted the successful completion of 11 phases of technical assistance provided by the Chinese Pilot Farm in Pohnlangas, focusing on various agricultural aspects such as piggery, vegetable farming, and biogas production. He emphasized the importance of imparting agricultural knowledge to locals, sharing the old adage of teaching others how to fish instead of giving out fish, and expressed hopes for continued cooperation.

Governor Joseph expressed heartfelt gratitude to Ambassador Wu Wei, Mr. Yang, and the Chinese Government for the invaluable gifts bestowed upon the students of Pohnpei. He acknowledged the significance of teaching sustainable agricultural practices, aligning with his administration’s priority on agriculture and food security policy to reduce dependency on imported foods. Governor Joseph spoke of the advent of processed foods to our islands that brought convenience and drew us away from growing our own food, with a call to revisit eating our own grown foods.

Furthermore, Governor Joseph recognized Mr. Konrad Englberger, who also attended the handover as a guest, for his longstanding contributions to Pohnpei’s agriculture sector. He reiterated the importance of disseminating agricultural skills and knowledge throughout the municipalities, starting from schools and extending to communities, which was discussed earlier in a meeting with officials from the China Pilot Farm at the Governor’s Office.

Governor Joseph concluded by assuring Mr. Yang of Pohnpei’s commitment to cherish and maintain the donated resources for the benefit of the community.

Following the formal proceedings, Governor Joseph toured the greenhouses, accompanied by representatives from the Chinese media, to whom he granted an impromptu interview. The greenhouses showcased an impressive array of produce, including cucumbers, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, and watermelons, exemplifying the fruitful collaboration between the Pilot Farm project and PICS High School.

The handover of the greenhouses marks a significant milestone in promoting sustainable agriculture and empowering the youth of Pohnpei with valuable skills for the future.


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