Kolonia, Pohnpei: April 8, 2024 — The management and Board of the Pohnpei Public Library recently paid a courtesy call on Governor Stevenson A. Joseph at the Governor’s Office. Led by Chairperson Mrs. Suzanne L. Gallen and Chief Librarian Trueleen Albert, the delegation included Vice Chair Aaron Nighswander, Board member Vanslot Etse, Board member BeJay Obispo, and Assistant Librarian Emyleen Charley.

During the courtesy call, Chair Gallen had the opportunity to share the rich history of the library and address longstanding concerns of the Board with Governor Joseph. She highlighted the library’s status as a semi-autonomous entity receiving support from the Pohnpei State Government through Compact Education Sector funds, as well as through their own initiatives such as passport photo services.

Chair Gallen also provided updates on upcoming improvements, including the arrival of an Australian Volunteer to assist in updating Library services and a grant from the Australian Government earmarked for the purchase of new computers. Moreover, discussions centered around the library’s plans to expand or upgrade its infrastructure, which necessitate land designation or lease agreements.

Governor Joseph expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the dedication of the Pohnpei Public Library’s Board and management. He shared his thoughts on the library’s purpose and mission, emphasizing potential intersections and complements with upcoming projects. Governor Joseph affirmed his full support for the library’s mission, underscoring its importance in serving the community.

The courtesy call provided an invaluable opportunity for fruitful dialogue and collaboration between the Pohnpei Public Library and the Office of the Governor. Both parties are committed to working together to enhance educational and cultural resources for the people of Pohnpei.


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